Randolph may be charged with misleading cops

ANDERSON, Ind. -- Zach Randolph of the Portland Trail Blazers might face a criminal charge for misleading police officers
investigating the shootings of three men on a nightclub dance
floor, a prosecutor said Monday.

The NBA forward's brother, Roger Randolph, 22, faces preliminary
charges of criminal recklessness for the Sunday shootings.

Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings said Zach Randolph
told investigators he did not know who fired the shots, but other
witnesses said he held his brother while Roger Randolph fired a

"I think there's a good chance Zach Randolph is going to be
charged with a crime as well," Cummings told The Associated Press.
"I would certainly say he's being investigated for false informing
or assisting a criminal."

A police spokesman had said Sunday that Zach Randolph had
cooperated with detectives during questioning as a witness.

Zach Randolph, 23, lives with his mother in nearby Marion during
the offseason, but neither has a listed telephone number there. The
Associated Press left messages seeking comment from his agent,
Raymond Brothers.

Mike Hanson, a spokesman for the Blazers, said he discussed Zach
Randolph with an Anderson police representative Monday.

"The last conversation I had with the authorities, I was being
told that he was a cooperative witness, he was not being charged
with anything," Hanson said.

The shootings occurred about 2 a.m. at Sinbad's Lounge, which
was packed with at least 100 people drawn to Anderson for an
Indiana Black Expo festival during the day Saturday, authorities
have said.

Zach Randolph, who was named in April as the NBA's Most Improved
Player, had an entourage of six to eight people at the bar. A
dispute began on the dance floor, and Zach Randolph went to
investigate, Cummings said.

"Beer bottles were thrown at them, and that's apparently when
Roger start firing," Cummings said.

Gunshots hit three men from Muncie, but none of the wounds were
life-threatening. One of the men remained hospitalized Monday,
police said.

The Randolph brothers left the scene separately, and after some
witnesses told police they believed that Zach Randolph had fired
the gunshots, police stopped him in Alexandria, about 10 miles
north of Anderson, Detective Terry Sollars said. The player
returned to Anderson and spoke to investigators until about 7 a.m.

"Zach Randolph cooperated fully, answered all of our questions
and allowed the police to search his vehicle," said Sollars,
Anderson Police Department spokesman.

During Roger Randolph's initial court hearing Monday, a judge
granted prosecutors 72 hours before formally bringing charges so
police could further investigate the shootings, Cummings said.

Roger Randolph was being held in the Madison County Jail on
$40,000 bond Monday afternoon.

One of his attorneys, Jeff Lockwood, when asked if his client
had any response to the allegations against him, said, "I can tell
you one statement he's going to make: Not guilty." He declined to
comment further until formal charges are filed.

At the time of the shootings, Roger Randolph was out on bond
after being charged earlier this month in Marion with carrying a
handgun without a permit and marijuana possession.

The shooting victim who remained hospitalized Monday,
30-year-old Phillip Corthen Jr., told The Star Press of Muncie, he
had been on the dance floor when he saw people exchanging words.

"I was in the back of a crowd trying to stay away from him
[Roger Randolph] when he shot me," Corthen said.

Corthen said he had been patted down before he was allowed to
enter the small, popular lounge, and did not understand how a gun
got inside.