Confrontation occurred at youth baseball game

MINNEAPOLIS -- Jim Stack, the Minnesota Timberwolves' new
general manager, has been convicted of misdemeanor battery after a
confrontation at a youth baseball game.

Stack was convicted Friday in Cook County, Ill., of punching a
coach at a tournament July 4 in Schaumburg, Ill. He was sentenced
to a year of court supervision and ordered to visit terminally ill
children at a Chicago hospital in December.

According to a Chicago Tribune report on Sunday, witnesses said
the incident started when a team of 9-year-old players, including
Stack's son, were playing with water balloons after their game.
Some of the children ran through the area where a team of
14-year-olds was warming up. Stack then warned Bob Mitchell, the
coach of the 14-year-old baseball team, and his players to be

Stack, who was named the Wolves' general manager on July 9,
testified in court that Mitchell began walking toward him with his
fist clenched. Stack testified that he put his hand up to protect
himself and made contact with Mitchell.

But a witness said Stack used a closed fist to punch Mitchell in
the face and left the area before police arrived, the report said.

Mitchell told the Tribune that Stack shook his hand and apologized for the incident after the trial.

"I would like to apologize to the Timberwolves organization and
their fans for this distraction," Stack said in a statement.
"This was a very unfortunate situation, and I sincerely regret how
it escalated all the way to the level that it has today.

"This incident resulted from my concern for the safety of my son's 9-year-old baseball team and unfortunately led to a heated exchange."