Carter won't 'mope and pout' at Raptors camp

TORONTO -- Vince Carter plans to play hard for the Raptors,
even though he still wants out of Toronto.

"It's stupid for me to come up here, and just because I want a
trade I'm going to mope and pout. That's dumb," Carter said
Monday, a day before training camp opens.

"I'm coming here to play. I'm going to do whatever needs to be
done until further notice."

Carter asked during the summer to be traded but the Raptors are
hoping the All-Star guard changes his mind. Toronto hasn't made the
playoffs the past two seasons, and Sam Mitchell will be Carter's
third coach in three years.

"That's where the frustration comes from," Carter said. "It's
nothing against Coach Mitchell or anybody else. It's like getting a
new boss every year. You have to start over, and it's tough. You
say in one sense that you want to win, but yet we have to start

Carter has four years remaining on his contract and remains one
of the NBA's most popular players because of his highlight-reel
dunks. But knee injuries have caused him to lose some of his

Now he can expect to be booed by the home fans.

"It's a tough situation, but you live and move on," Carter
said. "My goal, hopefully, is that they'll understand."

Carter, who will earn $12 million this season, never had any
intention of skipping training camp.

"I have a job to do. I'm coming here to play and win for
whatever it says on my jersey," he said. "It says Toronto
Raptors, well then I'm going to perform for the Toronto Raptors.
I'm going to bust my butt for the Toronto Raptors until that jersey
says something else. Until then, well that's where I am."

Mitchell expected Carter to show, but sounded as if he had some

"There is a sense of relief that he's here and that he has a
smile on his face," Mitchell said.

New general manager Rob Babcock expects Carter to honor his
contract, but teammate Jalen Rose thinks the situation will be a

"Vince has been the only franchise player that this city and
team has known, so there's going to be a lot of talk about it, and
a lot of fans are going to be drawn to it in a negative way," Rose
said. "But as players we still have to play."