Pistons season ticket-holder retains attorney

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. -- Police said Monday they had identified the man who threw a chair in the crowd in a brawl between players and fans during the Indiana-Detroit game on Nov. 19 but declined to name him publicly.

His attorney, Ken Karasick of Flint, identified the man police were looking for as his client Bryant Jackson, 35, of Mundy Township but said it's not clear whether Jackson tossed the chair. He's a Pistons season-ticket holder, police said.

He has not been interviewed and is not in custody. Police Lt. James Manning said police have met with Karasick.

The fight among spectators and players broke out near the end of
the game after an on-court dispute over a foul. A fan hurled a
drink at Indiana's Ron Artest, who then charged into the stands and
began beating a man he thought had done it.

Other players and fans soon joined the brawl.

Oakland County prosecutor David Gorcyca has said the man who threw the chair, which hit several people including a police officer, could be charged with felony assault. Other participants could be charged with misdemeanor assault and battery.

Detroit television stations repeatedly broadcast video footage of the fight that showed the man police said threw the chair in the hopes that someone would come forward with his identity.

Separately, Manning said Auburn Hills detectives were informed by a lawyer for the Pacers that none of the players would participate in police interviews.

Manning said the investigation could be forwarded to prosecutors by the beginning of next week.

The NBA suspended Artest for the season, Stephen Jackson for 30 games and Jermaine O'Neal for 25. Six players were suspended for one to six games.

Meanwhile, NBA commissioner David Stern announced leaguewide guidelines to bolster security measures at NBA arenas.