Anthony proposed Christmas Day

DENVER -- Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony finally has some good news about his personal life: He's engaged to MTV veejay La La Vasquez.

Anthony, who won a national championship in his only season at Syracuse, said Thursday he made his proposal, accompanied by a
nine-carat ring, on Christmas Day and Vasquez accepted. They
haven't set a wedding date.

The engagement follows a series of unflattering off-the-court
news about the Nuggets' second-year star.

Anthony was charged with misdemeanor drug possession in October after
airport inspectors found marijuana in his backpack. The charge was
dropped after a friend said the pot was his.

In November, three men were arrested on suspicion of trying to
extort $3 million from Anthony with a videotape of the bar fight,
which erupted after someone spit a drink on Vasquez in Manhattan in

In early December, Anthony popped up on a homemade DVD
circulating in Baltimore, his hometown, called "Stop Snitching."
Someone else on the DVD warns that people who tip police about drug
deals "get a hole in their head."

Anthony said he had nothing to do with the DVD and condemned the
message. He said it was made while he was visiting friends.

Anthony had denied he and Vasquez were engaged as recently as
Monday. In a statement issued Thursday, Anthony explained that he
"wasn't ready for everyone to know."