Forward to speak out against drugs, violence

BALTIMORE -- Carmelo Anthony will assist a campaign against
drugs and violence after criticism of his appearance in a DVD
that warned witnesses about working with the police.

The announcement coincided with the discovery of another example
of witness intimidation in Baltimore. On Monday, officials found
graffiti written on the 1st Mariner Arena downtown in permanent
black marker: "Stop (expletive) snitching. There a snitch name
Juicey aka Tyrone Knox. Rat on whelles."
Prosecutors said they weren't sure of the meaning of
Knox, 21, testified recently against a co-defendant in a
stomping death from June 2003. The graffiti was removed, and
prosecutors said it would be difficult to charge whoever wrote the
message with witness intimidation.

Meanwhile, state and federal officials approached the Denver Nuggets star,
hoping his celebrity would be a draw. His exact role has not been

A DVD titled "Stop Snitching" has circulated in Baltimore
since November. Anthony, a Baltimore native, appears briefly,
standing next to a man who warns that anyone who tips off police
about drug deals will "get a hole in his head." Anthony, a
Baltimore native, doesn't respond to any of the comments on tape
but appears in the DVD's credits.

The DVD prompted state lawmakers to propose legislation
strengthening penalties for witness intimidation. Gov. Robert
Ehrlich mentioned it in his State of the State address last week.
Anthony later said he doesn't approve of the DVD's contents and
didn't know it was being made.

"I'm completely against violence and drugs -- that's not me,"
Anthony told The Washington Post. "I just want to get the word
out. I've lost friends to violence. I would never support anybody
harming anyone."