Iverson admits starting heated exchange

PHILADELPHIA -- Allen Iverson said Monday he's been
contacted by the NBA regarding his allegation that a referee made
inappropriate comments to him during a heated exchange following
the 76ers' loss to the Chicago Bulls.

He also said he expected to be fined or suspended because he
started the argument.

Iverson, upset about calls, challenged referee Marc Davis after
the 94-88 loss on Saturday, and said Davis responded by saying he
would "whup my ass."

Iverson had to be restrained by teammates, and a few minutes
later was seen heading in the direction of the referees' dressing
room before general manager Billy King interceded and calmed him

"From the history of it, I suspect something will happen to
me," said Iverson, who did not practice with the team because of a
thumb injury. "I would not be surprised if they decide I was wrong
and should be punished.

"I said things that if it was during a game I'd probably get a
[technical foul]. And if I kept on going like I was, I would've
been thrown out of the game."

NBA spokesman Tim Frank declined comment, citing an ongoing

Iverson said Davis' response surprised him, but he didn't think
the referee would be unfair down the road to him or the team.

"Regardless of what he said, I don't think he'd do anything in
the future as far as making calls against me," Iverson said. "I
think he respects the game more than that."