Portland to play Dixon $8 million, agent says

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Portland Trail Blazers have reportedly
agreed to a three-year deal with free agent Juan Dixon, although
the contract cannot be formally announced by the team until the
NBA's collective bargaining agreement is ratified.

Dixon's agent, Calvin Andrews, told The Washington Post the contract was worth $8 million.

Dixon, who met with Blazers' management last week, played three seasons with the Wizards, who have acquired guards Chucky Atkins, Caron Butler and Antonio Daniels in the offseason.

Dixon, the 17th overall pick in the 2002 NBA draft, was Maryland's career leading scorer. He averaged 8.2 points and 1.6 assists with 23 starts in three years with Washington. He averaged
11.3 points in the playoffs last season.

The Blazers cannot comment on the signing until the new collective bargaining agreement is finalized, which is expected
early next week.

Teams have been negotiating with free agents throughout July, and many of the most prominent players have already reached tentative agreements on new contracts. Among them is forward Shareef Abdur-Rahim, who will go from Portland to New Jersey in a sign-and-trade.