Brown: 'I would've done something seriously wrong'

With Kwame Brown now out of the nation's capital, he's sharing his side of the story as to why he suspended for the playoffs.

Brown told The Washington Post that he wasn't ill after Game 3 of the Wizards' series with the Bulls, as the team reported, but was so upset with guard Gilbert Arenas, he feared he would have attacked the guard.

"The thing is, the whole thing stems from Gilbert telling them not to put me in the game. I didn't come to practice because I was going to be a distraction. I was going to slap the [expletive] out of him," Brown told the paper. "I'll admit it, what I did was wrong -- not showing up was wrong -- but I ain't saying what I would've done if I showed up would've been right. Being that I didn't show up I didn't put my hands on nobody. How a teammate, a supposed friend, would go to a coach and tell him don't put me in a game, I would've done something seriously wrong to him."

When told of Brown's accusation, Arenas denied his former teammate's recollection.

"That's the coach's decision. I'm not the coach. I'm not the GM," Arenas told the paper. "If he feels I have that much pull that I could pull him in and out of the game, then I guess he would blame me. If that's his excuse for missing practices -- to blame me -- then I'm strong enough to take the responsibility. But I never told Coach to put him out the game."

Coach Eddie Jordan said that Arenas had no input into the decision to not play Brown.

"That's not true," he told The Post when informed of Brown's comments. "I didn't make my decision based on what [Brown] thought Gilbert said, and I never heard Gilbert say that.

"The fact that he didn't play is because somebody else was playing better, and he wasn't playing as well. I can't recall every minute, every decision I made in Game 3, but certainly, I made my decision based on how the game was going and how players were playing. Not because of what somebody told me."

Brown also believes his problems with Arenas brewed off the court. At one point during the season, Brown entertained the thought of firing his agent Arn Tellum and hiring Arenas' agent Dan Fegan. But when Brown decided to stick with Tellum, Brown said Fegan later told Arenas to stop passing Brown the ball so that his statistics wouldn't look good entering the free agent market.

"How silly does that sound?" Arenas told the paper. "I'm not going to give him the ball because he didn't want to go with my agent?"

After signing a three-year, $25 million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers in the offseason, Brown is eyeing Dec. 26 when he returns to Washington.

"It's going to be the same. I'm going to get booed.... And I'm going to whup their [butts]," he told the paper.