Stern: Players will be 'pleasantly surprised'

For all the NBA players that thought they'd have to wear a suit everywhere they went this season, David Stern told The Denver Post that they will be "pleasantly surprised" about the upcoming dress code announcement.

"It's a lot less than all of you are talking about, a lot less," Stern told the paper in a phone interview. "Right now we have a number of teams that are jacket and tie. We are not going there. Never were. We're going to give teams the option to continue that.

"But we're just trying to raise the lowest level up to a place where we can all still feel comfortable. I don't think it will be a problem. The gloom and doom [speculations] have so softened up everybody that by the time we issue the dress code, which will be some time next week, everybody will be pleasantly surprised."

At the time the dress code was announced to be in the works, several players vehemently opposed the change.

"I dress to make myself comfortable," Iverson told the Philadelphia Daily News. "I really do have a problem with it. ... It's just not right. It's something I'll fight for."

Denver Nuggets center Marcus Camby added that the players should receive a stipend to pay for the clothes.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.