Jazz await NBA approval before disciplining Whaley

SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah Jazz have decided what
disciplinary action they want to give rookie Robert Whaley for
lying to the team, but are awaiting final approval from the NBA
before issuing the punishment, a Jazz spokeswoman said Friday

"The Utah Jazz have made a decision on what they would like to
do, but we need to wait for approval from the NBA due to a
collective bargaining agreement," team spokeswoman Linda Luchetti

She said it would likely be several more days before an
announcement is made about any punishment Whaley could face.

Whaley cut his hand on glass the same night he was involved in a
bar fight in Park City. He later told the Jazz he cut his hand
while taking a sharp kitchen knife away from his 2-year-old son.

Whaley and teammate Deron Williams were cited Wednesday with one
count each of providing false information to a peace officer
following the bar brawl, Park City Police Lt. Rick Ryan said.

Police say a few Denver Nuggets fans started the fight when they
recognized the Utah players.