'How 'bout those Redskins!' costs Armstrong $1,000

DALLAS -- Mavericks guard Darrell Armstrong was so happy his
beloved Washington Redskins beat the Dallas Cowboys that he grabbed
a microphone before Sunday night's game against the Minnesota
Timberwolves and hollered, "How 'bout those Redskins!"

It's going to cost him $1,000.

Dallas coach Avery Johnson announced the fine during his
postgame news conference and team owner Mark Cuban later verified
it was legit, much to the chagrin of a disbelieving Armstrong. The
money will all go to charity, with Johnson saying the Cowboys would
decide the recipient.

The Redskins wrapped up a 35-7 victory over the Cowboys shortly
before the Mavericks left the locker room to play the Timberwolves.

As part of the pregame ceremonies, guard Devin Harris wished the
crowd a happy holiday. Then Armstrong, who wasn't scheduled to
speak, asked for the microphone. He added his holiday wishes, then
made his fine-inducing proclamation, a twist on a famous line by
former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson.

A mixture of laughter and boos followed, even from German import
Dirk Nowitzki. Cuban laughed, too, and joked with Armstrong about
it when he returned to the bench.