Colangelo says Shaq not ruling out Olympics

PHOENIX -- Jerry Colangelo, putting together the U.S.
basketball team for the 2006 world championships and 2008 Olympics,
said Shaquille O'Neal has not ruled out participating.

Colangelo, managing director of USA Basketball, spoke to O'Neal
on Thursday as part of his meetings with NBA players prior to
training camp later this year.

"I thought that going in that he had indicated there wasn't
much interest and he felt it was time for others to step in,"
Colangelo said Friday night. "After I spoke with him, he said 'Now
you've got me rethinking about it.'"

"We'll see," Colangelo said.

He said that he felt he should speak to O'Neal "out of respect
for him."

Colangelo also met with O'Neal's Miami teammate Dwyane Wade.
"He's one of the up-and-coming young stars of the game,"
Colangelo said, "and he was very interested."

Colangelo is solely responsible for selecting participants in
this year's training camp. Players must make a three-year
commitment to participate in the camps and exhibition games leading
up to the competitions.

The shake-up of the USA basketball followed the team's bronze
medal performance in the Athens Olympics.