Trail Blazers guard fined after gun found on plane

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Portland Trail Blazers fined guard Sebastian Telfair on Wednesday after a loaded gun was found on the team's
private jet at Boston's Logan Airport.

The handgun was found in a pillowcase belonging to Telfair as
the team plane was being prepared for a flight from Boston to
Toronto, the team said in a statement.

Telfair explained to local authorities that the gun belonged to
his girlfriend and that he had inadvertently grabbed the wrong bag
when leaving for the team's road trip.

"We did sweep the plane and we did find the handgun, and it was
a loaded handgun," said Jennifer Peppin, a regional spokeswoman
based in Seattle for the Transportation Security Administration.
"Once we got that we turned it over to the state police in

The gun is registered in Oregon to Samantha Rodriguez, Telfair's
girlfriend of five years.

The Trail Blazers left Portland on Feb. 7 for their five-game
trip. Portland lost 102-86 to New Orleans on Wednesday night.
Telfair had two points in 19 minutes.

The matter was turned over to the Massachusetts Port Authority,
which said no charges would be filed.

Portland coach Nate McMillan said Telfair would continue to play
with the team. He said "everything has checked out as far as the
Boston authorities and what happened."

"It was a mistake," McMillan said. "... I'm sure he is
embarrassed by the situation. There's nothing he can do about it
now except to make sure that he is aware of where his weapons are.
He's fine. He's OK.

"In a situation like that, I think it was smart of him not to
carry the thing around. He didn't want to carry that thing around,
so he never did. We do have security with us, and he should make
them aware of situations like that."

The first-year Blazers coach said players were told about the
rules regarding weapons before the season and again after the
Telfair situation. A Blazers spokesman said Telfair was not
available for comment before the game.

"They are well aware that they can't carry firearms on the
plane. That is something bigger than the organization. The league
is involved in that," McMillan said. "... Whenever you are doing
something with the NBA, you can't carry any type of weapons,
whether they are guns or knives or anything else when you are doing
business with the NBA."

The team fined Telfair an undisclosed amount for violating
league and team policy. The NBA is reviewing the matter.

"While we had to allow the legal process to run its course, and
were grateful it appears that the authorities have determined
Sebastian initially made an innocent mistake, he clearly compounded
the situation by making the wrong choice by not notifying the
team's traveling security agent about his situation immediately,"
Blazers president Steve Patterson said Wednesday.

"He has apologized profusely, but he knows he must be held
accountable for his actions."