Dolan: No firings, strategy is right

Despite the worst record in the NBA, New York Knicks owner James Dolan said Wednesday that he's not firing anyone.

"I can't say it any plainer than I've already said it," Dolan told New York-area newspapers. "I'm not making a change, guys. We're going to continue on with the strategy. I believe in the plan. I believe in the strategy. I believe in the guys who are executing it. I fully expect you to kill me in the papers tomorrow with this, but I'm going to stick with it. I'm going to stick with it until we stop making progress. I think the course is to stay the course, not knee-jerk.

"Maybe some people think I'm brain-dead because of that, but time will tell," Dolan added. "I understand people will be unhappy when you're going through this process."

Despite general manager Isiah Thomas being on the job for 2½ years, Dolan feels this season is year 1 of a three-to-four-year plan.

"You're characterizing [this season] as making a big mistake. It's not a mistake. It's an underestimation what it would take to start off this strategy. So we're 15-41 now," Dolan told the New York Post before Wednesday night's loss. "You have to look at how you're doing on your 3-4 year plan. It's still early. I know it's hard to take when it's 15-41, but the mistake would be to say the strategy is wrong. The strategy is right. It's just more painful to execute than we thought. It is harsh. There is no doubt. I think [the fans] are already upset."

The Knicks are guaranteed a losing season and have only qualified for the playoffs once since 2001.