Stackhouse unleashes on referee after loss to Spurs

Jerry Stackhouse didn't put out any fires after a Mavericks loss to the in-state and conference rivals Spurs on Thursday.

The Mavericks' forward, who was called for a double technical after tangling with Robert Horry in the fourth quarter, ripped official Dick Bavetta after the game. The teams are both 45-12 and fighting for the Western Conference lead, so the 98-89 loss didn't sit well.

"Somebody saw Bavetta get off the bus [Wednesday] night and I thought, 'Oh, [expletive].' I knew what was coming," Stackhouse told The (Fort Worth) Star-Telegram.

"It's tough to come on the road in this environment and have to play agains the refs, too," Stackhouse told the paper. "[Expletive] Dick Bavetta. I'm tired of his [expletive]. It's like the game is about him. He just needs to call the game and call the fouls."

The Mavericks believe Horry bit Stackhouse during the scuffle, which Horry denied. Replays showed Horry possibly biting Stackhouse's arm.

"We saw it and are on it," Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told The Dallas Morning News. "We will send it into the league, and I'm sure he will be suspended."

Stackhouse could not confirm the incident. But he did emphasize his displeasure with Dick Bavetta.

"This game was about Dick Bavetta," he said, according to The Morning News. "He called a double technical foul like he's trying to sort it out. But he never saw what happened. If he'd seen what had happened, he'd know I got an offensive rebound and Horry came down and gave me a cheap shot at the other end."

Stackhouse said he wasn't concerned about possible retribution from the NBA about his comments.

Bavetta, a 31-season league veteran, declined to comment.

With the win, the Spurs moved past the Mavericks into the top spot in the Western Conference. The Spurs hold a 2-1 edge in head-to-head play.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.