Kobe youngest NBA player to reach 16,000 points

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Kobe Bryant became the youngest player to
score 16,000 points in his NBA career on Friday night, passing his
latest scoring milestone in the first quarter of the Los Angeles
Lakers' game at Golden State.

Bryant was 27 years and 192 days old -- four days younger than
Wilt Chamberlain when the Hall of Famer scored his 16,000th career
point on March 5, 1964. Michael Jordan was the third-youngest,
reaching the mark at 28 years and 31 days.

Just two months earlier, Bryant became the youngest player to
score 15,000 career points. But Bryant, who entered the NBA
straight out of high school 10 years ago, did it in 657 games --
only the 29th-fastest in league history. He scored his 16,000th
point in his 684th career game, 22nd-fastest in terms of games

Bryant is the NBA's leading scorer, averaging 34.9 points per
game -- including 43.4 over 13 games in January, the eighth
highest-scoring month in league history.

Bryant finished the first quarter with 12 points against the