Przybilla: Some Blazers teammates have packed it in

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland Trail Blazers center Joel
Przybilla said he might not re-sign with the team next year because
some of his teammates have given up on the season.

"The tough part for me is to see guys who don't want to come to
practice, who don't want to play in games, that's my biggest
thing," Przybilla told The Oregonian newspaper. "Personally, I
have no problem playing because I want to play, no matter what. But
to see other guys -- I don't know if it's giving up or what -- but we
have to finish the season strong. It's our job, we have to be
professional, and I don't know if everyone is doing that."

The Trail Blazers (20-50) entered Wednesday's game against
Sacramento on an eight-game losing streak, and they have dropped 22
of 25.

Przybilla, who ranks seventh in the NBA in blocks per game,
becomes a free agent July 1.

"I'm not the type to complain or point fingers, but it's
getting old," he said. "I can take losing if guys are going out
and playing hard and giving it their all in practice, but guys
aren't doing that."

Przybilla said he still likes playing for coach Nate McMillan,
and McMillan said he understands the 7-foot-1 center's frustration.

"The other night, I could see he was bothered in the game by
the play of some of the guys, and he bit his tongue," McMillan
told the newspaper, referring to Sunday's blowout loss to the Los
Angeles Clippers.

"And I told him 'Don't you bite your tongue, you say it.' You
only got a few more games anyway, you say it. I don't give a (rip)
if you (tick) someone off, you say it and get it off your chest.
Because you are going to have to make a (free agent) decision, and
if you don't say it now, you won't say it later," McMillan said.
"Say it. I don't care who it is, you say it."

Przybilla did not name specific players that he felt weren't
playing hard.