Report: Yao to have cameo role in Chinese movie

HONG KONG -- Chinese NBA star Yao Ming will make a cameo appearance in an upcoming basketball-themed movie also featuring Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou and South Korean singer BoA, a news report said Thursday.

Houston Rockets center Yao will spend a day filming for the Chinese-language film whose title translates as "Dunk," the Xinxi
Shibao newspaper said, citing the film's Taiwanese producer Wu Dun.

Chou, one of Chinese pop's biggest stars, will have the lead
role, and his South Korean counterpart BoA, has also signed on, the
report said.

The report said Chou's lead character is a kung fu fighter
turned basketball player.

Chou has been developing his film career, appearing in the Japanese comic inspired film, "Initial D," and he is currently
filming famed Chinese director Zhang Yimou's "Curse of the Golden

Thursday's report also said the budget of "Dunk" is estimated at $10 million.