Telfair fails to spot chain-ripping thief in police lineup

Boston Celtics guard Sebastian Telfair on Tuesday night failed to pick out of police lineups the person who ripped a chain off his neck Monday night outside a New York nightclub, ESPN's Jeremy Schaap reports.

Shortly after the chain was taken from Telfair, rapper Fabolous (also known as Skylar John Jackson) was shot and wounded in the leg outside of the same club, Justin's, which is owned by hip-hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs.

Police sources said Telfair was outside of the club when the chain, valued at $50,000, was ripped from his neck.

Fabolous and three other people riding in the same SUV were later arrested on weapons charges. Police found two unregistered, loaded guns in the SUV, including a 9 mm gun and a .40-caliber weapon. Fabolous was taken to Bellvue Hospital while the other passengers were taken to the local police station.

On Tuesday night, Telfair looked at four separate lineups, each including one of the four men arrested on the weapons charges, including Fabolous, but did not identify any of the men as the person who stole his chain.

"Sebastian Telfair has told us that he was the victim of a robbery outside Justin's on Monday evening and left the establishment immediately thereafter. He further told us he has no knowledge of any incidents that occurred after his departure," the Celtics said in a statement Wednesday. "He provided what information he has to the New York Police Department. The police have indicated that Sebastian fully cooperated with all requests regarding the investigation."