Mutombo confronts fan over alleged racial slurs

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Houston Rockets center Dikembe Mutombo got into it with a fan who allegedly yelled racist slurs at him in the third quarter of the Rockets' preseason loss to the Orlando Magic on Thursday night.

Mutombo yelled at the man and gestured back. The fan was ejected. No action was taken against Mutombo.

"I am not going to take that. He was insulting my race, my family, my integrity. For him to call me a monkey ... that should not happen today," Mutombo said.

"If I get fined, I will go straight into the stands the next time."

Magic spokesman Joel Glass said the matter was turned over to NBA security.

Brian McIntyre, NBA senior vice president of basketball communications, said simply: "The league is looking into the incident."