Sore knee means D-Wade will keep feet on floor

Dwyane Wade's shoulder isn't the only body part that's been bothering him lately.

Dwyane Wade Wade

Wade says he's leaving the dunking to others after aggravating the tendinitis in his left knee during the Miami Heat's win over the Washington Wizards on Wednesday.

Wade told Miami-area newspapers he experienced pain in the knee after landing from a dunk in the second quarter.

"I didn't even jump that high," he said. "I didn't want to do that [dunk], but I was in a situation where I had to do it. It hurt me when I came down. If I don't have to dunk, I am not dunking."

Wade has played in three games since returning from a dislocated left shoulder that sidelined him 23 games. He said the knee has bothered him most of the season, but has become worse since he began preparing for his return to the lineup.

"[I] put too much pressure on my knee early on and it got real tender and real sore," he said, adding that had he not been out with an injury, he would not be practicing on it.

"The only thing I can do is continue to do the therapy and hopefully, one day, I come in and it feels good," Wade said. "I know it's not going to go away. I'm just looking for a little relief."