Marion: It's time for me to move on

With trade rumors swirling around him, Suns forward
Shawn Marion apparently has had enough and wants out of Phoenix.

"I'm tired of hearing my name in trades," Marion told the Arizona Republic by telephone Tuesday night. "I love my fans in Phoenix but I think it's time for me to move on."

On Wednesday, teammate Steve Nash weighed in on the discussion.

"It's sad to hear he wants to go," Nash told reporters.

"We're very close to winning a championship. We want everyone on board. All his teammates love him. We want him to be a part of this for sure, and we feel like he's a big part of it. It's frustrating to hear he's unhappy, because we want him to be happy."

Marion has been mentioned in trade scenarios involving the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers.

Marion told Sportingnews.com by telephone that he would welcome a trade to the Lakers to play with his good friend Kobe Bryant.

"You have a great organization, great ownership there with the Lakers. I don't see no problems with playing there," he told the Web site.

Marion, who is the highest-paid player on the Suns with two years remaining on his contract, wouldn't confirm to the newspaper that he has requested a three-year, $60 million extension.

"Regardless of everything that went on with the extension, I'm tired of hearing my name in trade rumors," Marion told the newspaper. "It's time for me to move on. I felt like they tried to force my hand to Boston with the [Kevin] Garnett stuff."

Marion reportedly killed a three-team deal that would have sent him to Boston with an extension, Garnett to Phoenix and picks going to Minnesota.

"I haven't done anything wrong," Marion told the newspaper. "I leave it on the floor night in and night out. Sometimes, it's just time, and it's time to go. It's been like a nightmare. It hurts me making this phone call. It's hurting me in my stomach."

Marion told the newspaper that if he isn't traded he'll report to the Suns' training camp, but only when he's required to. Monday is the mandatory reporting date for Suns players. Phoenix has voluntary workouts scheduled this week.

"I'll do what I've got to do," Marion told the newspaper. "I'm a professional. I'm not bitter. I love the fans but I've got to take care of me."