Vote predicts Spurs to repeat, LeBron to win MVP

NEW YORK -- The San Antonio Spurs were picked as the
favorites to win another championship in a poll of NBA general
managers, who gave Dirk Nowitzki no chance of repeating as league

Instead, LeBron James was chosen as the likely MVP by GMs who
voted in the sixth annual NBA.com GM survey. Nowitzki, who won the
award last season, did not receive a single vote.

The Spurs received 37 percent of the votes for likely NBA
champion, beating out Phoenix (26 percent) and Dallas (15 percent).
Detroit (7 percent) got the most votes among Eastern Conference

However, the GMs slightly preferred the Mavericks (44 percent)
over the Spurs (41) to win the Southwest Division.

James (30 percent) also received the most votes last season in
the MVP category. He beat out Tim Duncan (22 percent) and Kobe Bryant (19 percent) this time. The Cleveland star was also an
overwhelming favorite as the player the GMs would want if they were
starting a franchise, getting 59 percent.

The Pistons and Celtics both received 26 percent of the votes as
the likely East champion. The GMs tabbed Boston, Chicago, Miami,
Utah and Phoenix as the other division champions. The Suns were an
unanimous pick in the Pacific.

Kevin Durant (Rookie of the Year) and Gregg Popovich (best
coach) were among the other top choices. Full results will be
released Wednesday.