Trailer containing pyrotechnics for Pistons game stolen

WARREN, Mich. -- Officials say a trailer has been stolen
that was carrying pyrotechnics to be set off before the
Detroit Pistons game against the Dallas Mavericks at The Palace of Auburn

The theft was discovered Sunday morning by employees of Windsor,
Ontario-based Band-Ayd Systems International Inc. at a company
facility in Warren.

Band-Ayd President Nino De Benedetti says the trailer contains
about $75,000 worth of pyrotechnics and gear, and the trailer
itself is worth $8,000. The trailer held liquid propane and
noisemaking devices.

The company is offering a $5,000 reward for the return of the
equipment, no questions asked.

De Benedetti says Band-Ayd used backup equipment for Sunday
afternoon's pyrotechnics, which went off as usual.