Marshall's appeal successful as suspension reduced to one game

Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall won his appeal against the NFL and will have his three-game suspension reduced to the opening game against the Oakland Raiders.

Marshall's attorney, Harvey Steinberg, also confirmed Marshall will have his suspension lowered to one game, but will be fined a second game check. Marshall will make $445,000 this season. The one-game fine -- without suspension -- will cost him an additional $26,176, totaling two missed game checks at $52,353.

"I am glad the NFL took a second, good hard look at the case," Steinberg told ESPN.com's Bill Williamson. "I am very pleased with the results."

Marshall flew to New York on Tuesday to meet with commissioner Roger Goodell. Goodell said originally that the three-game suspension would be reduced to two if Marshall kept in touch with a league-appointed counselor and stayed out of trouble.

On March 6, Marshall was arrested on a domestic violence charge involving a former girlfriend. Under the player conduct policy, Goodell has the power to suspend players for repeated bad behavior off the field. Marshall had a DUI charge but that doesn't apply under player conduct. During the offseason, he cut his right forearm and lacerated an artery, a vein, a nerve, two tends and three muscles when his arm went through a television set following a wresting incident with a family member.

"Brandon was thrilled. It's as good as we expected or hoped for," Steinberg told the AP.

Marshall still faces a drunken driving trial Sept. 16.

Marshall will be on the field for the home opener against the Chargers. His return is important for the offense. Marshall had 102 catches for 1,325 yards last season and is one of the best young receivers in the league.

Senior writer John Clayton covers the NFL for ESPN.com. The Associated Press contributed to this report.