Iverson apologizes, but does not explain why he missed Thursday practice

Detroit Pistons guard Allen Iverson appeared before the media on Friday and apologized for skipping Thursday's practice.

"First of all, I have no excuses. I apologize to my teammates, first and foremost, the coaching staff, the organization and definitely our fans," Iverson said after the morning shootaround. "It's something that shouldn't have happened and it won't happen again.

"It was a personal matter, but I just handled it the wrong way," Iverson continued. "I didn't call and let them know what was going on."

Coach Michael Curry already had stated there would be a "hefty" fine, and that Iverson would not be in Friday's starting lineup against the Milwaukee Bucks. Iverson entered the game during the first half.

Rodney Stuckey, who scored 13 points and added a career-high 11 assists Wednesday for his first career double-double, started in Iverson's place.

Iverson also got the message from Pistons president Joe Dumars, who spoke with him Thursday night.

"He was very supportive of me. He let me know how things are run around here and let me know it wasn't something that can continue to happen. He let me know it was unacceptable," Iverson said in the Detroit News.

Iverson was not the only player who had griped about the scheduled Thanksgiving morning practice. But he was the only one who did not show up for that practice, which lasted an hour.

Curry said Thursday that any other fallout would be left up to Iverson's teammates.

"As I told them: Together, they are accountable for each other," Curry said. "As I said in training camp -- and Allen wasn't here in training camp -- I expect guys to not be late. I expect, if one guy's not here, for [the other players] to be able to call the other one and make sure, as a group, they hold each other accountable.

"We have our rules. It's pretty simple."