LeBron considers extension

A few NBA teams are clearing cap room for the summer of 2010, but LeBron James' future might be long decided by then.

James told the Cleveland Plain Dealer he is pleased with the Cleveland Cavaliers' improvement and is considering signing an extension during this summer.

"You play out this season of course; I will consider it," James told the Plain Dealer on Saturday before the Cavs practiced at the Pepsi Center.

"The direction we are headed is everything I expected and more."

James has not talked publicly about signing this summer until now. The Cavaliers have made great progress this season and are off to a 22-4 start, the second-best record in the NBA.

James had signed a three-year, $43 million deal with the Cavs in 2006. That contract includes a player option for 2010-11 worth $17.4 million. Many believed James would forego the option, but no one had considered his signing an extension. There has been speculation James will end up in one of the NBA's larger markets -- maybe with the New York Knicks.

"I definitely want to keep an open mind, I will look at everything," James told the Plain Dealer. "[The extension] is a good point. I think me and my group have pretty much made good decisions so far and we'll look at the options and go from there."