Cuban posts donation plans on blog

DALLAS -- Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is getting his money's worth out of his latest fine.

The NBA hit Cuban with a $25,000 penalty Friday for "improper interactions with Denver Nuggets players," mostly stemming from an incident involving Denver's J.R. Smith. So Cuban posted on his blog that he would donate $25,000 to whatever charity Smith chose.

On Saturday, Cuban posted an update saying he's waiting to hear back from the Nuggets, but he's already come up with a backup plan: "I'm going to give the money to the [NHL] Players Association Goals and Dreams Fund in the names of Todd Bertuzzi and Steve Moore."

Moore played for the Colorado Avalanche until being the victim of one of the most gruesome attacks in an NHL game.

In 2004, Bertuzzi stalked Moore from behind, tugged on the back of his jersey, then sucker-punched him in the side of the head and drove his body to the ice. Moore left on a stretcher, bleeding from his face. He suffered a concussion and three fractured vertebrae in his neck. Bertuzzi was suspended by the NHL and charged with assault causing bodily harm in June 2004 after a four-month investigation. He pleaded guilty, received a conditional discharge and was sentenced to probation and community service.