Report: Curry father of slain baby

Eddy Curry reportedly was the father of the 9-month-old girl murdered along with her mother, Curry's ex-girlfriend, last Saturday.

Curry's 3-year-old son, Noah, was unhurt. The slain woman was also the mother of Curry's son.

The Chicago Sun-Times, citing sources familiar with the paternity case between Curry and the deceased Nova Henry, reported that Curry was the biological father of 9-month-old Ava.

The newspaper reported that a court document contains a DNA test that confirms Curry as the father of the 9-month-old.

A relative found the bodies of Henry, 24, and her 9-month-old daughter in their Chicago apartment Saturday evening, according to police. Both died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Curry's son was found unharmed at the scene. The Sun-Times reported that a person with the same last name as the murdered 9-month-old has been questioned by police. No arrests have been made and no formal suspects have been named by Chicago police.

Curry's son has been questioned by investigators both with family members present and by himself, the newspaper reported. Noah Curry is currently with his maternal grandmother but will eventually be placed into his father's care, attorney Michael Kalcheim told the Sun-Times.

The Knicks told center Curry "to take the time that he needs" as he copes with the deaths, team president Donnie Walsh said Monday.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.