Heat rookies were fined repeatedly

Miami Heat forward Michael Beasley and point guard Mario Chalmers were fined repeatedly for minor violations of team rules during their rookie season, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

Coach Erik Spoelstra said the fines were not for major violations of team rules, such as missing or being late to practice, according to the report. He declined to provide more details of what the players were fined for, how much they were fined or how often they were penalized.

"There's other things, dress code, things of that nature," Spoelstra said, according to the newspaper. "Part of being an NBA basketball player is being accountable at all times."

Beasley and Chalmers' rookie seasons got off to a rocky start before they ever played a game, as both were fined and thrown out of the NBA's rookie orientation camp for violating its rules. While the Heat's fines were not on the level of the $50,000 and $20,000 Beasley and Chalmers paid respectively for that incident, they accumulated to the point that team staffers spoke to both players about the money coming out of their paychecks, according to the report.

Beasley, who spent one season at Kansas State before becoming the No. 2 overall pick in the NBA draft, said the deductions from his paycheck opened his eyes, according to the report.

"You're upset at first ... but then you think, 'All right,' and then you remember. But it is what it is," he said, according to the report.

Chalmers said his rookie year was an on-the-job education. "We're just first-year players. We're just learning the ropes," he said of his and Beasley's experience, according to the report. "Some things we didn't know; some things we did know. At the same time, it's a learning process. So you learn and you learn about your mistakes and you don't do them again."