Report: Taylor says she's pregnant

The woman arrested at Dirk Nowitzki's house on May 6 says she is pregnant with the child of the Dallas Mavericks' star and that they had been engaged.

Cristal Taylor spoke to The Dallas Morning News from jail in Beaumont, Texas.

"I've known Dirk for seven years -- and, no, I didn't tell him everything about my past because I was afraid," Taylor said, according to the newspaper. "But I mean, now I'm pregnant and alone and broke because he is my only source of income."

Taylor said that Nowitzki has not contacted her and likely does not know that she is pregnant. She said that she didn't know before she was arrested.

"I didn't even know," she said, according to the newspaper. "Nobody knew until they tested me in Dallas."

Taylor said that she was tested at the Dallas County Jail where she was held for one week before a transfer to Beaumont.

"They give you a urine test when you walk in and they give you a T.B. test," she said. "And the lady was like, 'Oh, so when are you due?' I was like, 'I don't know when the court date is due.' She was like, 'Uh, no, you're pregnant.'

"That was at intake. When I went upstairs, she said, 'I'm going to start you on these prenatal vitamins.' I was like, 'If you could just test me one more time, I just want to make sure.'"

A second test also came back positive, Taylor said.

Taylor told the newspaper that her life fell apart when Nowitzki's longtime German coach Holger Geschwindner said Nowitzki should get a prenuptial agreement and investigate her past. The engagement ended.

Taylor refuted reports that in her past she had been a stripper.

"I was a waitress at The Plantation," she said of a Beaumont gentleman's club. "I was never, ever a stripper in all my life."

Talyor tried to contact Nowitzki, whom she said she lived with for a year and a half, after her arrest but felt that he must have changed his phone numbers.

"Not only that, but they [the Mavericks] pretty much told him, after [the media] put out all that crap on me, to just wash his hands of me -- and I think he pretty much did," she said, according to the newspaper.