LeBron talks of biopsy apprehension

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James admits that a cancer scare earlier this year was "nerve-racking" and had him on edge for a few days.

James had to wait for biopsy results in January after doctors at the Cleveland Clinic found a growth in the right side of his jaw. He said that doctors didn't think it was cancer but had to make sure. His concerns were first reported by The Plain Dealer.

"I was working with some good professionals," James said. "They were telling me they didn't think it was cancer, but we had to be sure, of course."

He said his family was nervous, too. James said he was glad the season was under way, so he could focus on basketball.

It turned out the growth was benign. James had surgery to remove it in June, a few days after the Cavaliers' season ended.

"I wasn't scared," James said, "but it wasn't something I was comfortable with."

He says the week of bed rest following the operation was some of the best sleep he's ever had.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.