LeBron 50-50 on dunk contest

CLEVELAND -- LeBron James flying high during All-Star weekend is no longer a slam dunk.

After saying at last year's event in Phoenix that he planned to dunk in the 2010 festivities in Dallas, James now says he's "50-50" about taking part.

James felt last year's contest was too "watered down" and his participation might revive the weekend's signature event.

"I'm like 50-50 right now," he said Wednesday night before a game against Phoenix. "I don't know if you can get it back to the 80s and like in '98 when Vince [Carter] was in it. It was more about the dunks and less about what was going on around the dunks. We'll see what happens."

So why has he changed his mind?

"I was excited," he said. "When I said it I was very excited about doing it. I was there at the event and you get caught up in it a little bit."