In The Barbershop with Lamar Odom

Barbershops and debates go together like shaving cream and a straight razor -- the warmth and comfort of the former practically invites the latter.

ESPN The Magazine has long understood this, and what with our natural propensity for hangin' casual and choppin' it hot, we've been making pilgrimages to various snip joints for several years.

This time around, we've found the perfect mix: a Mag writer and a top-flight NBA player at his favorite spot hashing it up with whoever might be in the chairs -- or behind them holding a set of clippers.

Our first time out, the Lakers' Lamar Odom took me to Chuck Taylor's shop in Los Angeles, where we got into everything from Shaq coming back to the Lakers (as a back-up) to being married to a Kardashian. L.O. even brought along his championship ring and told us what it meant to have one. Then again, he didn't have to -- the look on his face and his body language as he broke it out said it all. C'mon in and see what we mean.