Coming July 1, it's Miami-Wade County

MIAMI -- Dwyane Wade is getting his own county.

By unanimous vote, Miami-Dade County commissioners declared Tuesday that the area would be known as "Miami-Wade County" from July 1-7, a week that coincides with the start of NBA free agency.

The resolution was written "in recognition of all that Dwyane Wade has done for the visibility, stature and national image" of the county.

Wade will become a free agent July 1, which means he could leave the Miami Heat. Wade repeatedly has said he hopes to stay in Miami, but only if the Heat's roster is upgraded.

Wade told ESPN.com's J.A. Adande he will start off by looking for the best player to join him with the Heat.

"It's going to be fit with me first," Wade told Adande. "I've made that very clear. Do I want to leave? Nope. Mmm-hmm. I want to be in Miami. That's where it starts."

While he has said he will talk to other players and got the NBA world buzzing with his concept of a "free-agent summit" he said, "I don't do recruiting. Not now, anyway."

"I don't look at it as recruiting. I'll gauge and see if guys want to be [in Miami], who wants to be with me.

"It's about who can come to Miami, it's about who do you trust, who can fit the organization, who best fits you as a player, things of that nature."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.