LeBron to release headphones line

NEW YORK -- LeBron James already sported Dr. Dre's headphones in an NBA commercial. Now the basketball star can rock his own.

Monster Cable Products Inc. CEO Noel Lee tells The Associated Press the Cleveland Cavaliers forward is set to launch his own headphones line.

Lee says "sound quality really matters when you enjoy music." He says athletes such as James need that kind of high-quality sound experience because "it's their way of focusing energy" before games.

Monster Cable is synonymous with expensive video and audio cables. The San Francisco Bay-area company partnered with Interscope Records chairman Jimmy Iovine and rapper Dr. Dre to release Beats by Dre in 2008. They released Heartbeats by Lady Gaga last year and Diddy's Diddybeats in May.

Lee didn't say when James' line would be available.

James' on-court future remains clouded, but Cavs general manager Chris Grant said he and team owner Dan Gilbert have met with James and his representatives in the past two weeks.

Although Cleveland didn't raise its profile through the draft, Grant said the Cavs aren't worried about other teams looking more appealing to James.

"It doesn't concern me at all," Grant said. "We have a team that won 61 games last year. We've had the best team in the league the last two years. We have a culture that's in place. We have philosophies in place. Our guys believe in winning, all of our guys here, including LeBron.

"LeBron knows how important he is to Northeast Ohio. He's been part of that and built it. We have younger players who are up and coming. From our standpoint, our concern is us, and we're focusing on our team and building and getting better."

Grant would not characterize the team's meetings with James. He said there could be further discussions but that they "aren't necessarily necessary."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.