Skittles honors Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose points to his name on his customized Skittles machine. Zachary James Johnston

CHICAGO -- When Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose first told reporters of his love for candy, he probably didn't envision those words turning into a sizable, colorful, motion-activated piece of furniture in his home.

The folks at Skittles, however, made that a reality earlier in August by delivering a customized Skittles machine to Rose's home.

A Skittles spokesperson said the company has been sending the candy to Rose since his sweet tooth was exposed in several articles.

Rose is the first of a select group of celebrities who will receive a customized machine.

The machine, which includes "D. Rose" on the bottom, right corner, has a motion-activated sensor that plays a recorded message -- perhaps taped by Rose -- when someone walks past.

The spokesperson said there are no plans to have similar machines on sale or at the United Center.

Rose currently is with Team USA in Madrid, preparing for the World Championships in Turkey.