LeBron James, Erik Spoelstra meet

MIAMI -- With the team struggling and speculation swirling about player unrest, Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra held a half-hour meeting with LeBron James on Monday afternoon.

Spoelstra did not term it a clearing-the-air type conference, saying it was primarily about the Heat's recent offensive struggles. While both seemed to emerge on the same page, there was no denial that the Heat are dealing with some internal issues.

"I call these 'healthy conflicts,'" Spoelstra said. "I truly believe these are good for a team. As long as you can survive these, it'll make you stronger. It'll make your bond stronger."

James, who has said he isn't having as much "fun" this season as in the past, said he will talk with Spoelstra directly about problems. Heading into Monday night's home game with the Washington Wizards, the Heat had lost four of their last five games and James said it has led to some frustration.

But James denied he was personally frustrated with Spoelstra, who has asked James to change some of his offense this season. That has included playing mostly point guard.

"I think there's frustration from everyone," James said. "As far as me and Spo being frustrated with each other, I don't think there is. I have Coach Spo's back or whatever the case may be. This is who we have.

"If I have something to say to Coach Spo, I'm going to go to Coach Spo. If he has something to say to me, which he's done, he's going to come to me. It is nothing I'll take behind his back. I've never done that, I will not do that."

James also denied that he was trying to send a message to Spoelstra when the two bumped during the third quarter of Saturday night's loss in Dallas. As the Mavericks were on a run to take a 10-point lead, Spoelstra called an angry timeout and stormed onto the floor. James walked past Spoelstra and the two made contact.

"I didn't realize it and I don't think Coach realized it either until it was brought to our attention," James said. "Incidental contact, I guess."

Brian Windhorst covers the NBA for ESPN.com