Kevin Love brushes off comments

CLEVELAND -- Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love brushed off LeBron James' recent comments that the NBA would be better off if it eliminated teams so more stars could play together.

James mentioned Love as an example of one player he wanted to see playing on a team other than the Timberwolves, who went into their game Sunday night against Cleveland with a 6-24 record.

"Those are interesting comments," Love said. "I saw what he said and it is not like that he is the only one that thought of that before or thought of that lately. You hear rumblings of contraction."

Love leads the league in rebounding with a 15.6 average and is averaging 20.9 points. The third-year player also leads the NBA with 25 double-doubles.

"That was just something he said," Love said. "I didn't really pay too much attention to it. I just figure that when the time comes with the CBA [collective bargaining agreement], the owners and players and everybody involved will make their decision. I didn't really think much of it."

Love admitted it's exciting to watch teams that have more than one star player.

"I don't see it happening, but it was fun when you used to watch certain teams that had certain guys, three or four superstar guys on a team," he said "That kind of stuff was cool. I understand what he is saying, but you never know until all the negotiations."

James, who left Cleveland to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, said last week that the league is watered down and would be more popular if there were more teams with multiple All-Stars.