The 10 greatest individual seasons in NBA history

LeBron James is having one of the best statistical seasons in NBA history. Here's our list of the league's 10 greatest individual seasons:

1. Wilt Chamberlain (1961-62)
The Big Dipper dunked and finger-rolled his way to a mind-boggling 50.4 points and 25.7 rebounds per game for the Philadelphia Warriors. Wilt and the Warriors finished 11 games behind the Celtics in the East and moved to San Francisco after the season.

2. Oscar Robertson (1961-62)
Possibly the most famous statistical season in NBA history. This was the year Oscar averaged a triple-double (30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds, 11.4 assists per game), and he did all this in his second season in the league.

3. Michael Jordan (1987-88)
MJ was MVP, was defensive player of the year and had a 31.7 player efficiency rating in his fourth NBA season. He also led the league in points, field goals and minutes played. Maybe this was the season that inspired the "Be Like Mike" ads.

4. Michael Jordan (1988-89)
Michael followed up his first MVP season with a tidy 32.4 ppg/8 rpg/8 apg campaign. Outside of Oscar Robertson, we have never seen numbers like these. (LeBron is close to this pace this season).

5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1971-72)
Kareem, in his third NBA season, picked up his second MVP trophy and led the league in scoring with 34.8 ppg. The Bucks, after winning their only championship the previous season, lost to the Lakers in the 1972 Western Conference finals.

6. Nate Archibald (1972-73)
Tiny had a huge season for the Kansas City-Omaha Kings, leading the NBA with 34 ppg and 11.4 apg. Despite Tiny's enormous statistical season, the Kings struggled to a 36-46 record under Bob Cousy.

7. Wilt Chamberlain (1962-63)
Wilt's gigantic stat output continued in the Warriors' first season out West. He dominated the paint and led the league in at least 10 statistical categories, including points (44.8 per game) and rebounds (24.3 per game).

8. Magic Johnson (1986-87)
Magic was the man in 1987. He had a career-high 27 PER and earned MVP and Finals MVP honors. Magic built part of his legend during this season by making the "junior sky hook" in the Finals against the Celtics. He averaged 24 points, six rebounds and 12 assists during the '87 season.

9. Shaquille O'Neal (1999-2000)
Remember when Shaq first started saying he was from outer space? He played like it during this season. Shaq had a career-high in points, and he earned the league MVP, Finals MVP and All-Star MVP. He, along with Kobe Bryant, got the Lakers an NBA Finals victory over the Pacers.

10. Oscar Robertson (1963-64)
The Big O just missed averaging another triple-double by 0.1 rpg and still averaged a career-high 31.4 ppg. This was Oscar's only MVP season.

ESPN researchers Nicholas Loucks and Jeremy Lundblad contributed to this report.