Summer Forecast: Team Turmoil

We've broken down who we think will be the best and worst newcomers in 2009-10. Now it's time to name Team Turmoil -- the squad that could encounter quite a few difficulties this season. (Also, check out the vote for Team Turnaround.)

Here's the voting breakdown:

2009-10 predictions: Team Turmoil

Pistons (8 votes)
It's not hard to see why voters think Detroit will continue its fall from grace. The Pistons have a new coach again, John Kuester. They let mainstays Rasheed Wallace (Boston) and Antonio McDyess (San Antonio) skip town and replaced them with defensively challenged Charlie Villanueva, underachieving Chris Wilcox and an aging Ben Wallace. And they gave a big contract to Ben Gordon, who will compete for minutes with Richard Hamilton and Rodney Stuckey -- a la Allen Iverson last season. That can't be a good omen, right?

Warriors (8 votes)
There's never a dull moment when Nellie's in charge. Just ask Al Harrington and Jamal Crawford. There's never any defense either. The Warriors will try to outscore opponents with Corey Maggette, Stephen Jackson, Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry on the roster, but they could rack up the losses just as quickly.

Rockets (6 votes)
Houston, you have a problem. Lots of them. Tracy McGrady is expected to miss the beginning of the season following microfracture surgery. Yao Ming is likely out for the entire season after foot surgery. And Ron Artest bolted for the Lakers via free agency. Yes, Trevor Ariza is a nice addition, and Luis Scola and Aaron Brooks are rising stars, but in the ultracompetitive West, that won't be enough.

Clippers (3 votes)
Blake Griffin comes into the NBA with all the right attributes. But he's joining the Clippers, a franchise that historically slobbers on the promising and leaves them reeking of defeat. Will coach Mike Dunleavy be able to keep a future star's development on the right track if the veterans revert to losing habits and me-first play? Check back after the first month.

Wolves (3 votes)
Al Jefferson. Kevin Love. Jonny Flynn. That's a start. But new coach Kurt Rambis might wish he had never left Phil Jackson's right hand when considering the holes on his current roster. Of course, the Wolves could have addressed their needs better had they not drafted two point guards with their top two picks. Especially since one of them is still holding the Wolves hostage in Spain. But that's a whole other issue.

Knicks (3 votes)
Talk about a team in limbo. Just check on the status of fan favorites David Lee and Nate Robinson, who are still waiting for deals. A likely shrinking salary cap in 2010-11 also threatens the possibility of LeBron James walking through the door in MSG. So the team now looks torn between shedding contracts for a diminished future, and spending half-heartedly to salvage its present dignity. This could get ugly.

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