Memphis guard angry over column

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis guard Jason Williams took out his
anger over how he was quoted in a newspaper column by grabbing a
pen out of the writer's hand Sunday night after the Grizzlies'
playoff loss to the Phoenix Suns.

The Suns had just swept the Grizzlies out of the opening round
by winning 123-115 in Game 4. Reporters were in the Memphis locker
room when Williams twice took the pen out of the hand of Geoff
Calkins, a columnist for The Commercial Appeal.

Williams screamed in his ear as the reporter tried talking to
other Grizzlies.

"You can talk to TNT, but don't answer this [reporter's]
questions," Williams said. "I'm not letting him write anything. I
didn't do anything. I just took his pen."

Eventually, Williams had to be pulled away by Grizzlies guard
Mike Miller. But after getting in Calkins' face again, another
Memphis official took Williams out of the locker room.

The column that appeared in Sunday's newspaper was critical of
the Grizzlies' lackadaisical play and included a quote from
Williams, "I'm happy. I go home and see my kids and my wife and
I'm OK. All of this [stuff] is secondary to me."

Williams set a playoff-high with 21 points in Game 2 and had 20
points and eight assists in Game 4.