Scouting the Kings

Is that window still open?
Looks sealed to us. Face it: Chris Webber's unfortunate knee injury in the playoffs robbed the Kings of their last best shot. Getting Brad Miller was a fair response to the tough guys out West, but the Kings, top to bottom, are no longer the NBA's most talented team. Any long-shot hope hangs on the health of CWebb, who's averaged just 62 games the last five years. But even if he's fit, Sacto's probably on the outside looking in. Got a sweater?

Bibby needs to re-emerge as the star who surfaced in the '02 playoffs -- and he can. But CWebb, who's been a 20/10 guy for five straight years, has to raise his game even higher when he returns. Now, how's he going to do that?

Team grade:

Saving Grace
No East team has won at ARCO since March 3, 2002.

Maloofs now treat this as a business; it will show on the court.