Kyrie Irving laughs off reports

DENVER -- LeBron James denied an ESPN report that he and Kyrie Irving "exchanged words" following the Cleveland Cavaliers' 19-point loss to the Portland Trail Blazers earlier in the week and said his relationship with the point guard is "coming along well."

"Those reports are untrue," James said Friday morning following shootaround in advance of the Cavs' game against the Denver Nuggets. "We have not had a verbal exchange. But I understand that negativity sells and no one wants to hear a good story. Those reports are not true. They're very false."

Irving took a sarcastic approach in refuting the story, which first was reported by ESPN and later was corroborated by various media outlets.

"As you can see, we're on opposite ends [of the court] so that means we hate each other," Irving said while sitting on a baseline seat while James was sitting down on the sideline on the far end of the arena, away from the 22-year-old.

Irving continued the joke, saying there was a dispute between he and James but it was unrelated to basketball.

"It was just over 'Survivor's Remorse' and 'Family Guy,' that's what it was about," Irving said, referring to the new television show on Starz that James produces and the popular cartoon comedy, respectively. "Obviously he's going to feel strongly about 'Survivor's Remorse.' It's his show. But I love 'Family Guy.' So, heated exchange. Words were said. No blows this time, but awesome for our team."

James was asked to give an assessment of his on-court chemistry with Irving thus far.

"We're two dynamic players, and it's coming along well, I believe," James said. "But it's going to continue to get better and better. It's just four games. It's our first time playing together, and every game is going to be a learning experience for the both of us every time we approach the floor. It's not only me and Kyrie, but it's myself and the rest of the guys and Kyrie and the rest of the guys, as well. This is a team game."

While Cleveland's 1-3 record entering Friday night doesn't suggest it, Irving said the Cavs are a tight-knit group.

"I've never been on a closer team thus far in my career, and I'm just happy with these guys that we're going through this process," Irving said. "The only thing that matters is what's going on within our team. Everything else outside and what's going on with that, leave that to everybody else."

James seems content quarterbacking the team, no matter how long it takes, until everyone is making the right reads.

He explained the wisdom he borrowed from Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Thursday:

"It's just how I was feeling at the time," James said. "It's just a message for everyone to understand how important the process is. Everyone wants overnight success. It just doesn't happen in team sports when teams first come together."