Green: Warriors 'too jolly' in loss

LOS ANGELES -- Golden State forward Draymond Green, unhappy with a 100-86 loss to the Clippers on Thursday night, said the Warriors "were too nice" and should have keyed more on the teams' oft-contentious rivalry.

"I don't know what the cause of it was, maybe everybody was a little too jolly, Christmas spirit," said Green, who had 10 points and 10 rebounds in 34 minutes. "But it was too nice. It was boring."

The loss was Golden State's second straight on this Los Angeles road trip, the one before it coming against the Lakers.

Against the Lakers, the Warriors allowed 115 points. Against the Clippers, Golden State's offense sputtered, scoring only 86 points on 80 shots.

The Warriors next play Saturday at home against Minnesota.

Green didn't believe the poor offensive performance was just about a poor shooting night, though, saying, "Although we missed shots, I don't think we went at them."

Green was dissatisfied with how the Warriors played against this particular Clippers team, given their rivalry based on a history of on-court altercations and a seven-game playoff series last season that the Warriors lost.

"I mean, it's no secret we don't like them, and it's no secret they don't like us," Green said by his locker. "So I don't know why the game was that nice, trying to act like we like each other and we don't. Boring game."

When asked if there was anyone on Los Angeles whom he did not respect Green said, "Absolutely. Of course there is."

On Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, who combined to go 11-for-30, Green said, "Sometimes they got to go one-on-one to break the offense down. That's fine, we need that sometimes."

He also spoke about his feelings for the Clippers' players, citing DeAndre Jordan as someone he respected on the opposition.

Green went on to say that the Clippers were better suited to winning this particular style of friendly game, saying, "Obviously they're a better team at playing their nice game. I don't really like playing those type of games."

"We were too nice," Green said. "And it was awful."