Hawks mascot protests Robin Lopez

Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez is a noted mascot abuser. He has taken swipes at the Pistons' Hooper, blinded the Spurs' Coyote and traded barbs with the Cavaliers' Moondog on Twitter.

In a recent interview for the Blazers' website, Lopez admitted he sees his crusade as noble.

"I think I'm kind of a hero," Lopez said. "I feel like I'm standing up for our squad, doing what I'm doing. ... I've always got my 360 hypersenses going. It may not seem as if I'm paying too much attention, but I'm always very perceptive to my surroundings."

Following Lopez's second run-in with Hooper, Harry the Hawk posted this threatening Instagram, in which he circled Friday's Hawks/Blazers tilt.

You don't bully mascots and get away with it, Robin Lopez!

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Now Harry's intentions are clear: He's mounting a full-scale civil disobedience campaign against Lopez.

Blazers beat reporter Joe Freeman tweeted photos of a handful of mascots waiting for the visiting team's bus after shootaround.

According to Freeman, the fake-animal collective was booing, with one holding a sign that read "END MASCOT ABUSE!!"

Then, the Hawks released this video, which does an excellent job recapping Lopez's vendetta against mascots and furthers the cause of PETM -- People for Ethical Treatment of Mascots. Lopez gamely embraced his role as the heel.