Message to Love: Be like Bosh

Chris Bosh learned to adapt to playing alongside other stars. Can Kevin Love do the same? Getty Images

Last season, in the middle of a championship run, Chris Bosh was talking about Kevin Love.

This was before LeBron James left for Cleveland, well before Love was traded to Cleveland from Minnesota after six losing seasons. Bosh was talking about Love because he saw himself in Love's shoes at one point in his career. When Bosh left Toronto for Miami, he too was anxious to get rid of the pesky label as a stat-stuffing big man who didn't have what it takes to win titles.

"I'm sure he's to the point, give me 18 points every time," Bosh said in June. "But it'll be a learning curve when he has to do it. It'll be very, very, very hard on him because you're used to scoring 25 a night. A seven-point drop? That's a lot. When you give up something like that, it's like, 'I can do more.'"

Flash forward to last Friday when Kevin Love told Cleveland.com, "I think it's one of the toughest situations I've had to deal with." Love recently said he had been reduced to a "spacer." Love also believes "there's no blueprint for what I should be doing."

While every situation is unique, that doesn't mean there isn't a blueprint to follow. For Love, Bosh is the blueprint. He made the very same personal sacrifice that Love is dealing with at the moment, the same ego check that playing with a title-hungry LeBron James requires.

After Tuesday's practice, I caught up with Bosh to see if he has changed his thoughts on Love's situation. Bosh said the transition going from a star on a non-playoff team to a championship contender is the toughest obstacle he has climbed in his hoops career.