Chris Bosh rejoins Heat, eyes '15-16

MIAMI -- The Heat announced Monday that forward Chris Bosh, who was diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs last month, is expected to resume full basketball activities in September, putting him on target to return fully healthy for the start of the 2015-16 season.

Bosh also spoke to the media for the first time since he was told he'd miss the remainder of the season.

Bosh said he played with blood clots in his lungs for "three weeks probably" before being diagnosed. He last appeared on a basketball court in the All-Star Game on Feb. 15, scoring 10 points in 11 minutes of action.

After the event in New York City, Bosh flew to Haiti with teammate Dwyane Wade and their wives during the weeklong break. Shortly afterward, Bosh was admitted to a hospital in Miami where doctors found the clots.

Bosh was asked whether he played in NBA games with the blood clots.

"I'm imagining I did, yeah," Bosh said.

In seven Heat games before the diagnosis, Bosh shot just 40.9 percent from the floor and grabbed just 4.9 rebounds per game, far below his season averages. He said he doesn't know how he physically managed to play through such a serious condition.

"I was just concentrating on other things," Bosh said. "Some days were rough; some days weren't. I'm thinking it's something else.I [wasn't] thinking it was what it was. I wasn't really thinking about myself. I was thinking about what I could do to help out the team and win some games. I didn't want to continue to add to the snowball of what was going on."

The Heat also are without forward Josh McRoberts for the rest of the season as he recovers from meniscus surgery in December. In Saturday's win over the Sacramento Kings, Heat forward Luol Deng, guard Goran Dragic and center Hassan Whiteside sat out with various injuries. Wade has missed 18 games this season due to leg injuries.

"I was thinking more so about basketball at the time actually. I had to really come to grips with that and hear what the doctors were saying after that," Bosh said.

After Bosh received the initial diagnosis, did he doubt he'd play basketball again?

"Yeah, for a short period of time," he said. "But I'm a huge fan of positive thinking. And that subject did come up. But that was only a possibility. I knew I was going to play basketball again. It was just something I had to cope with quickly."

Bosh was urged to go to the hospital by his wife, Adrienne.

"She saves my life on a daily basis," Bosh said with a grin. "I was in a lot of pain, and it got to the point where I kind of had to swallow my pride a little bit. It's an athlete thing. We're always trying to be superheroes out there all the time. I had to put my pride to the side. Usually the woman is going to be the first to do that. I went ahead and bit the bullet and went to the doctor."

Heat thoracic surgeon Dr. John DeRosimo and team cardiologist Dr. Ed Neff said Bosh will be re-evaluated this month and, if cleared, might begin regular exercise at that time with plans to start strength training in April.

Bosh said he spends his time away playing with his kids and walking. He said that only recently was he allowed to drive his car "around the block."

Initially, Bosh said, he wasn't scared when he heard the diagnosis.

"The only reason why I wasn't scared ... I don't know why, actually," Bosh said, laughing. "It just didn't come as a scary thing at the time. I had to process a lot of information. I just kind of settled in. I was just thinking about basketball at the time, initially."

Bosh was averaging 21.1 points and seven rebounds with a 19.9 player efficiency rating in 44 games.

Bosh hasn't yet met teammate Dragic, who was acquired by the Heat in a trade deadline deal with the Phoenix Suns almost three weeks ago. Nor has he met recent signee Henry Walker, who started Saturday's game and scored 11 points.

The Heat were 28-34 this season entering Monday night's game and ninth in the Eastern Conference, tied with the Indiana Pacers. Charlotte, Indiana, Miami, Boston and Brooklyn are within three games of each other, fighting for the last two spots in the playoff field.

"I'm just happy to be back," Bosh said. "I'm happy to be here. I'm just glad to be back where I belong."