Kevin Love gets day off for rest

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love sat out Sunday's game against the Orlando Magic.

"Just felt like he needed a little bit of rest," coach David Blatt. "It's part of what we've been trying to do during the course of the year. Where and when we feel it's necessary over the long term to get guys a little bit of a break, we've done it and we will do it."

The decision to rest Love was not linked to any specific injury, according to the team. Without Love playing, the Cavaliers knocked off the Magic 123-108.

Love told ESPN.com's Michael Wallace on Saturday that he has been experiencing stiffness in his back.

"It's something I want to get right before we get to the playoffs, because that's what's most important at this point," Love said. "It's not something that's -- I'm going to have to address my body. But I address my body every offseason. I'll go from my toe all the way up to my head to try to figure out how to better my body for next season. It's not something that's going to bother me down the road."

Love did not play in the fourth quarter of the Cavs' 128-125 overtime win in San Antonio on Thursday. He did re-enter the game in overtime, finishing with eight points and five rebounds in 33 minutes. Blatt said the decision to sit Love in the fourth against the Spurs was influenced by the big man's back acting up.

"In part," said Blatt about Love, who kept himself loose riding a stationary bike in the tunnel during the game. "But also rotation-wise, we looked good, and in the overtime we brought Kevin back in for the purposes that we needed him and it worked out well all around."

Love participated in the Cavs' light practice Saturday, but Blatt felt like the seven-year veteran could benefit from a day off.

"He's been pretty good," Blatt said. "Last couple of days, though, I just noticed he was physically a little bit tired and down. This was a good opportunity, not specific to Orlando, but this time to give him a break."

LeBron James has been given several games off this season for rest, but Sunday marked the first time it has happened for Love. He had previously missed two games because of injury, sitting out Feb. 12 with a corneal abrasion of his right eye and Dec. 31 with back spasms.

Blatt said he will continue to monitor his players' bodies as the season progresses and rest them when needed.

"More a function of how they're doing, how they're feeling physically," Blatt said. "If guys are strong, then no need to rest them. If guys are feeling fatigued or we see that they need a little bit of rest, then we'll take that opportunity and do it."

Love is averaging 16.8 points per game this season, his lowest average since his second season in the league, and 10.1 rebounds, his lowest average since he was a rookie.

ESPN.com's Michael Wallace contributed to this report.